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Welcome to the largest web site on earth...
empowered by the high-speed shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

500 sites created by one pair of hands.  NO PROFIT TO BE TOUCHED until 2200 A.D.,
for the purpose of solving world hunger.
By the time you have found all of the hotlinks on this page,
less than you see, and more than you think (to expand your mind),
you are likely to have found the enormous rewards offered herein.

More than 1,000,000 web pages, for you... free for as long as you live.    Feed a hungry kid today.

One of the Prettest Pages on the Internet   Ah, you've found Masters Millionaires Successful Shortcuts Hotlink Number 7,777 - how's THAT for a round number?
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Hunger Resolution Via The Highway Of Excellence     Feed the starving with the Highway Of Excellence

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Welcome to the Highway Of Excellence of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

It is wise to help the helpless, even if only for the most selfish of reasons.
What goes around comes around, in life, as per Newton's Third Lsaw.
Clicking on GIVE FREE FOOD buttons is a notably potent shortcut.
If you make it to old age, you will have learned this lesson well.
Do not think to miss, as do most, the power of this secret.
Trite as it sounds, the more we give, the more we get.
Count it a master secret of Your known universe

Using two hands for things you now use one is good.
Imitating people who do it best is the fastest approach.
Tap into the master secrets of the universe. Do so daily, for wow.
You will rarely - if ever - experience "Wow!" in your life by accident.

The more intentionally you live most of your days - by planning them in advance,
the more days of your life you find yourself going to sleep happy with your progress.

You are beseeched and urged to stop being smarter than everyone around for just a moment.
Either you get one percent better at EVERYTHING you need to repeat anyway ... or you do not.

It does not seem a worthwhile investment of time, effort, or brain-power, to come up with exceptions.
What do you do on a repetitive basis in your life that you'd appreciate being one or ten percent better at?

Regarding the entirety of the Highway Of Excellence and Roadway of True Health methods:
93% OR MORE of us die with music unsung. Imitating masters and champions seems smarter.

Imitate the actions, attitudes, the questions, of those doing it better, to better imitate their results.
The first and only codification of master secrets of the universe -- master secrets of YOUR universe!

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The Highway Of Excellence and Roadway of True Health invite and enjoin you to live more of your life.
What is the benefit in having more years of life without more life in those years? Live intentionally!

The best of you is yet to come. Let us bring out the excellence within you, excellence is never accidental.
Serve the Roadway of True Health & Highway Of Excellence within you, and see how richly they reciprocate.

No one and no substance we see can cure or heal us - they can only help us to help ourselves.
So far, all of the best answers to cancer we have found are the answers that come from within.

Hippocrates is considered the father of allopathic medicine, "trying to heal from outside in."
Fascinating that 'hygiene' is from Hygea, his daughter, who taught us to heal from within.
Hygea was, effectively, the mother of naturopathy.   How ironic is our human history.

Learn more, you're likely to live more.         Use energy wisely

You learned as a child that excellence cannot take place by accident.
Today is the surely the best day of life to delve inside for more.
That's because today is the only today you might be certain of.
because one of these days, it certainly will be.

Reach for more in yourself, see what happens,
how the world conspires to help you succeed!

Luck is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge!

Good L.U.C.K.!

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Health Index For the Psychology of Longevity

Wealth Index For the Highway Of Excellence

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Endorsing the Highway Of Excellence in your mind is a useful begnning, and still, it's not close to being enough.
When you awaken in the morning and breathe deeply, stretching your muscles and your mind, keep on.
In all ways of life your attitude proves to supercede your aptitude in determining your altitude.
Employ the fact that your attitude underlies, supports, and promotes your best altitudes.

Embrace the Highway Of Excellence with your better attitudes and better actions.
The more you invest in the Highway Of Excellence, the more it invests in you.
Similarly, the Psychology of Longevity urges you to hug & hug & hug.
The more you hug people, the more benefits accure and multiply!
So grab yourself a hug in the next few minutes and see!

Best Shortcuts? You betcha. The PowerGems herein prove to be the best shortcuts of all time.