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Welcome to the largest personal website on earth.

The only personal web site with more than a million unique search engine listings.
Also, most or all top listings on a hundred large search engines.     4 categories, #1 on earth.

Reach higher, and you will reach higher.

You are invited to imitate the masters and millionaires YOU most admire.

Imitating the people who do it best is our fastest shortcut to imitating their results.

Secret of how YOUR wealth development is intimately related to feeding starving kids & animals.
Total Winning?  Getting Richer Faster?   - Universal Truths Of Life - Master Secrets Of YOUR Universe
MisterShortcut, and more, life itself, warrants and promises that it is not possible to act without repercussions:
What we persistently send out to the world is, for the most part, what the world is tends to repeatedly return to us.
As with every Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity PowerGem, no need to believe it: Test each truth!
Boost the value of YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity by clicking to save lives, quite free to you.
Some of these sites even allow for repetitive clicking, or answering unlimited number of questions, thus, no limits to free giving!
NOTE: Many sites even allow you to switch browsers and click all over again in the same day. MisterShortcut would click up to 1,200x or more per day.
Saving lives occasionally is nice; As a daily habit, it incurs the sweet profits of Newton's 3rd law of physics. Enage its power for YOUR wealth acceleration!

Amat Victoria Curam
Donate Vitamins - (

Deeply grasp that helping the helpless is critical to the Psychology of Shortcuts AND Psychology of Longevity,
because the world is ultimately, and intimately connected

New York Charities

Even your internal Psychology of Longevity responds to your charity

Solar Energy (Cannecy)

Help YOUR Environment - (

Protect the Earth

Clean Air - (Ecology Fund)

Clean Your Country

Protect Wildlife Refuge - ( - Oceans

Plant an OAK Tree (Cannecy)

Sq ft of Rainforest (

Forest Watch

See how YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts expands when you help the helpless

Word Puzzle For Rain Forest (Charitii)

Fight Animal Cruelty - (

Donate Dog Food

Meals for Dogs

Polish Shelter Dogs (Poland)

Dog Blankets France
Help Dogs

Donate Cat Food - Save more Big Cats

Feed a Big Cat - Save Chimps

 Key CORNERSTONE factors of BOTH  

  Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity:
 What goes around comes around:  
Newton's 3rd law also works on purpose!  

  When we give, we get  
 What we give, we get  

More superlative self-empowerment websites with the greatest shortcuts and most potent master secrets of the universe,
compliments of MisterShortcut, to promote the power and results of YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity    

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Megaphotons have 186 frequencies embedded, each proven to be beneficial to organs, glands, tissue. Megaphotons are unique!
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Mediaphotons - video Megaphotons, with incredibly powerful frequencies embedded - proven by test of bidigitals - Best of the best wisdom - shortcuts shared in Shapetalk - Psychology of Shortcuts Shares Great Info Via Shapetalks     Shapetalk.US             Shapetalker.US 


Free Clicks To Save Lives

The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity invite and enjoin you to live more of your life.
What is the benefit in having more years of life without more life in those years? Live intentionally!

The best of you is yet to come. Let us bring out the excellence within you, excellence is never accidental.
Serve the Psychology of Longevity & Psychology of Shortcuts within you, and see how richly they reciprocate.

Whether you start at or, which is a distinctly different website than the aforementioned or whether you move over to visit any of more than a thousand associated sister sites from the Godfather of Shortcuts, including and, you have a delicious range of choices to help you in the pursuit of success shortcuts. No one knows success like those who experience success repeatedly, especially and particularly those who use success shortcuts to achieve world-class standing repeatedly.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is a living, breathing effort to get you to enter at least one of the three most admired categories of human: masters and millionaires and champions.

Until today, you have proven that you are not fully helping yourself, certainly not to the potential inside of you. You're operating at the tiniest fraction of your capabilities. With 1,000 discretionary minutes per day, where your discretion determines whether you perform with excellence or mediocrity.

From, where SHORcuts are presented as the great PowerGems that they are, or and even, indeed, and, right up through and its sister site,, you will find that the Psychology of Shortcuts encompasses a universe of great success shortcuts.

Not only great, they're effective, because these are the success shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, the best source of information on how to become masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. All of the MisterShortcut website, such as near, across from and www.MisterShortcut.US, all of these are "children" of the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires. Each of more than one thousand different versions of the Psychology of Shortcuts were created by the Godfather of EyeCandy and Shortcuts just for you, just for your accelerated success. Please, stop being mediocre. Go and www.Grants.Gov and and learn how many thousands and thousands of free money programs and low-cost loan programs are available. They're all free, not even fees to apply for them! Use or any other of the MisterShortcut success shortcuts sites to get yourself into your better zones of thinking, The Psychology of Shortcuts is your fan and coach and champion. You can pay after you get rich. Don't send money to the Psychology of Shortcuts, unless you choose to host your own version of the Psychology of Shortcuts p somewhere. Better to spend my share of your new wealth on starving people and children getting cleft palate repairs and other hopeless, helpless people. Help those who cannot help themselves.That in itself is one of your best shortcuts to success. What you think you know about success shortcuts is best indicated by your performance of those success shortcuts... OR LACK THEREOF!

Keep revisiting and revising a list of people who can help you out: agencies, organizations, and individuals. You know so many. Do you understand that trading just one in every ten petty conversations alone is enough to get a hundred or more people to help you achieve whatever it is you most need or want to achieve? You're surrounded by great people. If you think you're not, take it upon yourself to start hanging around more winners. It's as easy as you decide it shall be, and don't kid yourself that it's otherwise.

Call your local mayor's office or county executive's office and tell whoever answers that you wish to boost the local economy by building local businesses; you are calling to ask what business development resources are available, what economic development resources and programs are available. You're in for a shock. Forget millions, there are many tens of thousands of millions available through local and state programs, and hundreds of thousands of millions available through federal government grant and low-cost loan programs. Talk about shortcuts to success! Go to and click on your state. Again, the Psychology of Shortcuts assures you you're going to be shocked when you realize what's available for you. Never before in the history of the world could so many everyday citizens tap into hundreds of billions of free dollars If you knew more, you would do more. Hush up and follow the steps of those who do.

You can also visit, and, for more shortcuts on health and wealth.

All that you wish and all that you see,
in the privacy of your mind, will be your history.
Bring out from the mind what the body would do,
and success shortcuts will most certainly work for you.
Reminding you again to ask more people more times each...
the Psychology of Shortcuts is here to help you to help yourself.
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Masterlinks Shortcuts Across Psychology of Shortcuts Psychology of Longevity

Masterlinks exist across some two thousand or more Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity sites,
brought to you by MisterShortcut, decidedly committed to empowering people to empower themselves, rapidly!
Doing so incorporates an ulterior motive, the wish and need to feed starving children on a total scale.
While both Psychology of Shortcuts websites and Psychology of Longevity inserts and websites produce,

the issue, the problem, the challenge most worth focusing on is that greed continues to exponentiate

That line is separated with cause, after deliberation, and must be a very central component of this essay.
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Fifty-Eight Shades Of YOU    -     Silently Customize Your Psychology of Shortcuts

If you were offered one thousand dollars in cash for each of your skills, things you do well, which means you enjoy doing it,
how many thousands would you earn, given, for example, a twenty-four time period in which to create a list of your skills?

Like most people, your list shows at least fifty-eight skills, fair enough to say?
Here is where you use the power of mathematics to multiply your fine results.
Your fifty-eight best skills, and any PowerGems of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
affect enough facets of your life that you use these shortcuts with, to help you know:
Every single facet of your life that you touch these shortcuts to becomes a sharper facet.
Use any one of those skills, today, and find something in it that you are not doing perfectly.
As long as you are able to improve by one percent, the Psychology of Shortcuts works for you.
Build on it, and let's see what's what in, oh, let's say the next one hundred days. Is that agreeable?
World-class mastery does not require the mind of a rocket scientist, because hunger trumps everything else.
If you only find fifty-eight superlative shortcuts at the Psychology of Shortcuts, is that not enough shortcuts for you?
The point is that the Psychology of Shortcuts is already inside of you, in the guise of your child persona, if you understand.
Think of Transactional Analysis, capitalized in respect, where we only think and speak as children, parents, or adults, at all times.
There will always be a child alive within you, the parts that did not develop fully with the rest of your personality and experience.
The Psychology of Shortcuts assures you that you will be stunned if you were to teach yourself to spend time with that child.
How is it that everyone has an opinion even with nearly zero knowledge, zero personal experience under the opinion?
Tony Robbins shared the idea that opinions are like table tops, requiring the legs of experience to make them stand.
Too many of your table tops are all top and no legs. The Psychology of Shortcuts is a way to modify this greatly.
The more you embrace your Psychology of Shortcuts, the more your Psychology of Shortcuts embraces you.
One way that the Psychology of Shortcuts proves your creative intelligence is with pen and a paper clip.
Please write down, within the next 100 hours, 100 uses of a paper clip. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Your brain is a muscle that gets far too little exercise. Like any other muscle, exercise makes it stronger.
As of now, no more excuses for not knowing how to exercise your brain with intent of making it stronger.
With only one idea per hour, you should either breeze past 100 ideas, or list 100 uses long before 100 hours.
At the core of the Psychology of Shortcuts is the aim of awakening your own internal Psychology of Shortcuts.
There is Shapetalk inside of you, as surely as there is a Psychology of Shortcuts (mostly sleeping) inside of you.
If you are smart enough to use recipes to cook tasty dishes, if you are smart enough to plan a wedding in writing,
then the Psychology of Shortcuts needs to know why you think that planning your life in writing is less potent for you.
Fifty-eight shades of you, one hundred shades of you, there is Shapetalk, poetry, shortcuts, action and excellence in you.

With life moving past you at 1,440 minutes, EVERY DAY,
When do we wake up YOUR inner giant?

The ease and simplicity of the Psychology of Shortcuts, and most PowerGems,
will work in your favor every day that you work these shortcuts in your favor.

You are invited to prove you are smarter than many might thing with a Psychology of Shortcuts secret trick.
The single set of exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your intelligence.
The exercises involved with writing out 100 uses for a paper clip increases your creative intelligence,
your PROBLEM-SOLVING skills. The capabilities are already within you, awaiting your command.
Since capability exists, it is repeated exercise of the skill that makes you smarter and smarter.
For example, let us pretend that you are smart enough to do this weekly, for a month or so.
By the time you've found 100 uses for five different items, or even the paper clip, if you wish,
your brain will be so much better at problem-solving, at producing innovative, creative solutions,
you will wonder why the Psychology of Shortcuts is not taught to every schoolchild across the world.
Go ahead and dare to get smarter, on purpose! Since it costs you no more than otherwise wasted time...
For the Psychology of Shortcuts to succeed, you need to succeed at it, so, speak a bit less and do a bit more.
What you know, including what you only think you know, plays second fiddle to what you do with what you know.

Is there something about increasing your intelligence,
repeatedly increasing your creative intelligence,
that is less than something desirable to you?
Wake up! No one else is doing it for you.
"If it is to be, then it is up to me"

Pen and paper, please...

              ... and a paper clip



Shapetalk PowerGems
Psychology of Shortcuts Poem
PowerGems and Shapetalk, all in a row,
PowerGems and Shapetalk, putting on a show.
The best of all your PowerGems, wisdom that works,
is where the Shapetalk guides us, to EyeCandy perqs.
The best of PowerGems, and the best of cute Shapetalk,
are all equally designed to help you best walk YOUR walk.
The PowerGems inside of you, the Shapetalk you've not uttered,
may be the most potent reasons, your performance is in the gutter.
It's not that you are stupid, we hope, for look how well you usually cope,
if PowerGems are a lifeline rope, together we can prove that you are no dope.
The less you speak as the more you do, the more we will know your claims are true.
Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems are the shortcuts of masters, millionaires... and you.
Engage your PowerGems,
in Shapetalk EyeCandy style,
better inform your use of time,
more wisely pass your own while.
Petty chatter is no less than a theft,
of your truly most precious possessions,
what remains of your millions of seconds.
PowerGem & Shapetalk your way to success.
Too much dirt in chatter, precluding PowerGems.
When you clean your minutes, they produce wealth.
Realize just how much power now resides within you.
Even the tiniest use of your many great powers, repeated,
produces results greater than all around you, even combined.
If I ask ten people 10x each, while you ask a thousand, you win.
Asking more people more times each is your wealthiest PowerGem.
There is no known wealth shortcut more potent, or faster, than asking.
If you need to give ten reasons, if you have to ask ten times, ask away.
90% of all the yesses you hear from birth to death are after the 7th "ask."
Praise and agree with objections, then convert them into your resolutions.
Aid your Psychology of Shortcuts, so your Psychology of Shortcuts aids you.

Shapetalk is a function of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Shapetalk is one of many ways to attract effective search engine listings.
Enjoy the Shapetalk. Please remember to look beyond the Shapetalk,
for the PowerGems and assorted bits of wisdom you'll find here.
What you know is less than what you do with what you know.
What you do with what you know is why we admire you.
Welcome to the Shapetalk Capital of the Internet.

A thousand bucks. Half up front, must be paid in person:
As the most well-read man on earth (17,000+ books),
I'm smart enough to learn from people who do ANYTHING better than I.

Although you can only find, at best, one percent of my links on this particular site,
you can count them in the thousands here

Remember, I am the designer, producer, owner of more personal websites than you,
or anyone you know.     Including Bill Gates.

Get it from the horse's mouth -- or get caught at the wrong end of the horse.
The Bard:   "Our doubts are traitors which makes us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."  

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Health and Wealth Shortcuts Empowering You To Empower Yourself
Welcome to the fantastically empowered world of MisterShortcut, helping you to help yourself
Where there is greed, you will always find suffering not too far away. Let's even the board a bit

The greatest shortcuts are those that work approximately every time.
Imitating the people who most often and most successfully use shortcuts,
we find an inevitable progression towards the greatest achievements of life. - Learn the one-second energy test - get smarter forever!

Health and Wealth Shortcuts Empowering You To Empower Yourself
Welcome to the fantastically empowered world of MisterShortcut, helping you to help yourself
Where there is greed, you will always find suffering not too far away. Let's even the board a bit

MisterShortcut has a plan, to help you become the best you can.
With the Psychology of Shortcuts, MisterShortcut knows,
you can better put on the very best of YOUR shows.
Your life is a show, and you are on your stage,
the Psychology of Shortcuts turns your page.

You are the writer, director, executive producer ... and star of the show.
While we can't control all events, your response is YOURS to create.
Throughout history, masters and millionaires have developed secrets, hm?
Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to use as many of them as you can.

Engage the best of your shortcuts every day,
to begin YOUR version of the Psychology of Shortcuts ' better way.
MisterShortcut and many others can help you to better help yourself,
the Psychology of Shortcuts doesn't work... sitting up on the shelf.

Like a hammer or other tool we choose,
your Psychology of Shortcuts requires use.

MisterShortcut is here, then, to help you highlight your better way,
thanks to those who chose to teach us how we might better play,
so every A.M. opens a Psychology of Shortcuts kind of day.
Permit masters and champions to be our cornerstones!
Let MisterShortcut help you to help yourself each day.
The Psychology of Shortcuts exists to build wealth,
meaning mastery that brings to you YOUR wants,
as Psychology of Longevity helps keep health.
Who shows best clearly knows best
Imitating long-lived people works out well!

Reversing EMF (Megaphotons) alters life!
Instead of underestimating emf damage,
prove it, with a one-second energy test.
Nothing's like QRA, a rara avis "Best!"

EVERYONE needs an online identity.

Kosher identity, commerce or academic identity,
personal identity, we have THOUSANDS of domains

Kosher domains or one-word domains,
Thousands of choices to pick from,
99% are less than 1% of the .com

If you're going to be online for years to come,
get a head start, a big leap on a billion others.

Choose one or two, three's the limit per purchase,
and be that rare person, with a one-word domain.

Stop and think about it: A one-word domain, better than .com!
Here are some of the sites sharing YOUR opportunities:

More and yet more premium kosher brandable domains,
and rich myriads of one-word domains that qualify as premium domain names, too.

One-word domains are always at a premium, because, well, they're one word.

Being unique in a world becoming more agglomerized with each passing day?
That's no small task, so, Advertibles seeks to make that easier for you.
One word, with a tld extension, .work, often better than most any .com.

Call 1-Realtur Next
to purchase one to three of your favorite of these premium kosher domains,
including deliciously brandable one-word domains, yearning to be premium.

Thus and so, premium kosher domains and one-word premium domains, at your service.

Dive deeply into the world of MisterShortcut's study of masters and millionaires,
interviewing, working with or for, breaking bread with, and, most of all, imitating.

When we imitate the people already doing it better habitually, we're on the path.
The most golden path a human can travel and traverse is one of self-expansion.

Getting better and better with every day, in most each and every way?
Akin to health, it's far more a choice than a chance!

Here is where the greatest success shortcuts for health and wealth,
unfold to help you to help yourself.

Read between the lines of Shapetalk,
because Shapetalk yields more meaning,
more levels, more shortcuts, more 'angles,"
all designed to help you to empower yourself.
There is no empowerment like self-empowerment.

Every pioneer into mastery develops big shortcuts,
the secrets that save us time in striving to get better.
The commitment to getting at least one percent better?
When it's followed through with action a hundred times...
and another hundred, and even unto a thousand and beyond...
we see mostly inevitable manifestation of the best possible you.
Glean more from your greatest success shortcuts, day after day,
and we'll see more and better of YOUR greatest achievements.

After all, success cannot be attained by mere accident.
Succeeding is about maximum use of great shortcuts.